What is FundTube?

FundTube.com (ßeta) is a video-sharing platform providing schools a safe and legal platform for music and VAPA educators to fundraise online with performance videos.

If you have any questions, email us at support@fundtube.com.

Watch our video to learn more.
Fundraising with music performing videos
Fundraising with graduation videos
Fundraising with theatrical performance videos
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How is FundTube different?

FundTube is…
• a video sharing platform for music education and VAPA organizations
• COPPA compliant and focused on child safety while protecting publisher rights
• an exclusive partner of SESAC, providing K-12 educators, fundraisers, with the ability to fundraise online with performance videos if the music is in the SESAC repertory
• a donate to view model
• engineered for online and mobile fundraising (no DVD’s allowed)
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How do I get my school started on FundTube?

  1. Create a school/fundraiser login.  To fundraise on FundTube, your school will require a fundraiser to create a school organizer account.
  2. Upload the music performance or VAPA performance video.
  3. Review and approve the video. Videos need to be approved by the fundraiser prior to being posted to the site.
  4. Spread the word. Let teachers, parents, and alumni know about the videos and encourage them to create and upload more videos. The more videos you have and the more people that watch them, the more money you raise!

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Getting Started (parents/donors)

After receiving the link to the video via email or social media, just click the link and follow the instructions.
Spread the word. Tell others about FundTube.

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Embedding Videos

Log in.  Locate the video.  Click on the “Embed” button.  Copy code and paste to your fundraising page.

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Approve videos – Fundraising admins

Once logged in you will see in the admin tool bar the number of submitted videos awaiting approval.  Click “Submitted” to review and approve or reject the videos. Simple. Easy. Fun!

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Uploading Videos

1. Log in
2. Click “upload video” and follow instructions

Note – part of FundTubes focus on child safety, videos are reviewed first before becoming available for viewing. School personnel or fundraising organizers are responsible for video reviewing.
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How to customize the video preview image

First, the video preview image is the image displayed prior to playing the video. FundTube uses the first frame of the video as the preview image. If the first frame is blank, a blank image is displayed as that videos preview image. With some simple editing you can create a great preview image that can be used as donation statement, such as “Your donation will help us do…..”
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If you received an email with a link to a video, click on the link. You can also search the videos that have been uploaded for your school. Search for your school here, select your school and then choose a video.

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How do I invite family and friends to watch videos?

Once you have uploaded a video, click on the “Share video” link in the bottom right corner and follow the simple instructions.

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Who Creates the Videos?

FundTube is a User-Generated-Content model which means that schools provide the videos.
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Who decides on donation amounts?

Your school’s fundraising organizers!  Each school sets the donation amount.
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How do I change donation amounts?

Simply email support@fundtube.com and provide us the donation level for your event.
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How much of my donation goes to the school?

70% of donations go to your school.

Here is the breakdown…
20% goes to music publishers and our public rights organization partners.
4% for credit card processing
6% for operations and personnel.

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How many times can I watch a video?

With each donation, you can watch the video 3 times within 30 days.
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I did not watch the full video.  Does this count for one viewing?

Nope. Just refresh and the video can be viewed again without counting as an additional viewing.


Is my donation tax deductible?

We will need to differ you to a tax professional.  However, your donation does benefit music and other Arts related educational programs.
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