Why Use FundTube?

Here are just a few of the reasons you should use FundTube to raise money for your school or organization.

1. Everyone loves watching videos. Instead of asking parents to do another bake sale or students to sell more magazines, you can raise money for your school by using the videos parents are already taking of their kids.

2. Expand your reach. Many fundraising programs only reach people in your community. Using FundTube, friends and family around the country or even the world can help support your school or organization.

3. FundTube can be a great addition to your other fundraising tools. You can keep using all the fundraising tools you’ve always used and add FundTube to the list.

4. FundTube is a fresh way to raise money for your school. People are bombarded with pledge drives, silent auctions and candy sales already. FundTube can add excitement to your fundraising because it’s a fun, new way to raise money.

5. It’s easy. We do everything we can to make FundTube easy for parents, donors and schools. Upload videos, spread the word, and watch the donations come in.

6. You keep the bulk of donations. With many fundraising programs, the school only keeps a small portion of the donations. With FundTube, you keep everything except a small per donation transaction fee. To learn more about FundTube fees, click here.