As parents, child protection is our highest priority which is why we have taken the following measures to provide parents and schools the most safe and secure crowdfunding platform in the industry.

  1. Video Approval. All videos are reviewed and approved before made available for viewing and fundraising. Videos are reviewed by a school fundraiser, instructor or volunteer parent who is managing the school’s account.
  2. No comments. People can be mean online. FundTube lets you share videos of your children without fear that people will comment on them.
  3. Donor Transparency. Before viewing a video, donors must provide personal information including full name, address and credit card information. All information is stored securely.
  4. Parents Are In Control.  Parents control who is initially invited and can request reports of viewers and donors. If a parent is uncomfortable with someone watching a video or participating in their school’s fundraising, they can request that the school block that person.
  5. FundTube is COPPA compliant.

Unlike other video and crowdfunding sites, where anyone can watch videos and post comments for everyone to see, FundTube is dedicated to school fundraising and we know to be successful, your child’s safety must come first.

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